Wednesday 12 March 2014

Pizza in the Pueblo - Restaurante El Parador: Review

Unless one arrives on a hot day or night, when folk spread across the terrace into the Benalmádena Pueblo's main square in front of the restaurant, one might never realise that there is a delightful Italian restaurant behind the ostensibly men's bar that fronts Restaurante El Parador. We were introduced by a friend about a decade ago, being advised that they serve the best pizzas on the Costa del Sol. This is probably very much near the truth, for if there is a better pizzeria, I have yet to find it.

[Image description: artichoke, ham, mushroom & egg pizza]

[Image description: spicy beef pizza]

[Image description: pizzas, wine, olives & bread snacks in situ]

[Image description: my companion pretending he cannot eat any more;
do not be fooled, he ate the lot!]

After the filling repast, a post-prandial stroll around the village is de rigeur. Whilst El Parador could not be described as a quiet, romantic venue - it is a spot in which to be seen and to people-watch - meanwhile, the village of a night-time offers plenty of tranquil corners for lovers to hold hands and embrace…

The following photographs are of walking towards and the actual Jardines del Muro at night-time.

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