Thursday, 21 August 2014

Perfidious Treachery

The NHS is important to me;

Social Security is important to me;

Social Services are important to me;

Social Care is important to me;

End-of-life care is important to me;

Justice is important to me;

Public transport is important to me;

Energy is important to me;

Water, drainage & sewage are important to me;

Fairness, equality & equity are important to me…

None of these are important to Tories, save for any profit to be made.

I cannot find any comfortable way in which to say this…

If you vote Conservative you are a TRAITOR:

to British values;

to your community;

to your neighbours;



and ultimately to


Well, that's certainly what I think and feel at the moment. %///

Thursday, 14 August 2014

All Quiet on the Mancunian Front

So sorry that since my return from Spain there have been so few original blog-posts. My health, both physical and mental, has been badly affected by the constant dampness in Manchester ongoing since April. It may be dry elsewhere in the UK, but it has not been in my area. If we ever get some more clement weather, my ability to concentrate should ameliorate and I hope then to return to writing. Until then I am on a dull and boring enforced sabbatical! %((

[Image description: tired-looking author with beard; difficult to be clean-shaven at the moment]