Thursday 13 March 2014

Matahambre, Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmádena: Review

After a Friday night jazz concert in February in Benalmádena's cultural centre (in Arroyo de la Miel) ending at ten in the evening, my companion Ana & I were ready for some nosh (food). In Spain that is just about peak time for dinner, so we were surprised that Matahambre (which literally means "kill hunger"!) were able to fit us in; but they squeezed us into a corner. There is outside seating and it was totally available, but it was a tad too cool to sit outside at that time of night.

Inside looks like a mediæval cellar; but I am reliably informed that the décor is all new for this latest of hip eateries in the town's commercial district.

[Image description: inside the restaurant just before midnight!]

In the above photograph one can see top left, goat's cheese salad (@ €7.50/media ración), and top right, partridge salad (@ €8.25/media ración). Having been charged €6 for a simple green salad of lettuce & cucumber in one of the beach-front restaurants, I feel taking into account their size, cost, quality and presentation were well worth the pennies spent. Neither of us finished our salads, but the staff were more than happy to make doggy bags for the both of us.

And why did we not finish such delicious food you may well ask: well, we had seen the desert menu and dishes being served up to table. We two chocoholics had set our hearts on sampling the triple chocolate cake (@ €4.75) - and we were not in the least disappointed.

Two glasses of wine, two waters and a Fanta limón after two hours of gossiping came to €10, the going rate at most cafés, bars and restaurants.

[Image descriptions: Ana & the writer enjoying the TRIPLE CHOCOLATE cake!]

The service from the guapo waiters & managers (who were chucking in their hands too) was at times a tad dilatory, but given the place was packed to the rafters hardly astonishing.

I shall definitely be returning to Matahambre again to sample more delights from their extensive menu. This tapas restaurant is a MUST for any visitor to Benalmádena! %D

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