Monday 24 March 2014

Daniel Mainé's "Beartoncity" Series

Last week I went on a book-buying spree and related my bibliophile adventures in a blog-post on the bookshops of Málaga city centre.

I was thrilled, still am, to finally lay my hands on the Beartoncity comic-novels of Daniel Mainé, which had proved so elusive in the UK. I am a big fan of bears and cubs (osos y cachorros) and Daniel has created a predominantly gay world, where heteros are the minority, and we queers can do what we do best…

Yesterday was a sunny, quiet Sunday in my apartment block. Most of the neighbours were out on their balconies: sunbathing; breakfasting/lunching; book/newspaper reading.

I picked up my copy of El Abominable Hombre Del Cuarto Oscuro and began to read Xavier Domenech’s humorous preface. I spluttered, giggled, laughed until I realised I was disturbing the neighbourhood! I retired to the inner sanctum of my apartment. It was a good job: when I reached the bingo scene, I was guffawing until tears rolled down my cheek and I was left breathless and aching. Furthermore, the tome is full of erotic sex scenes which entailed a physiological response which would have proven rather embarrassing in front of my strait-laced, middle-class neighbours!

Today, I sat on the balcony again, no need to worry about onlookers as folk are out at work, or whatever.

I cracked open volume two, Crisis En Tierras De Cruising. Guillem Medina’s introduction got some giggles out of me. Whilst this latter tome had me laughing, not so much as the first. Nor were there as many erotic scenes - but hey!;) Additionally, the narrative is very episodic due to the introduction of a whole raft of new characters, the BAD guys. Presumably - and hopefully!!! - this is setting up for the next in the series. This second in the series though was worth the read for me just to see Alberto aka Green Lighter interacting with his family. Al is the cutest (he's also the lone straight of the superheroes). But I wish I could be as free as Ironbear in my choice of attire.

I sourced my copies from En Portada Comics. The helpful assistant has ordered me a copy of ¿Quién es quién?. Cannot wait for it to arrive on Friday!

I also hope that some English-language publisher seizes the opportunity to print the series in translation.

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