Tuesday 11 March 2014

Butterfly Park or Mariposario, Benalmádena Pueblo

What to do when the Costa del Sol becomes the Costa de la Lluvia (rain)? Well, in Benalmádena Pueblo, the part of the town that is half-way up the local mountain, there is a mariposario or butterfly park. From the expressions and squeals of delight from the various children I observed, your wee ones are almost certain to enjoy themselves. Even the teenagers, attempting to look disinterested whilst parents were around were busy pointing at this and that when separated from their adults. Be warned, entry is a tad pricey. However, one can stay as long as one wishes - within the opening hours of course! And if you are very lucky, you might even espy a butterfly hatching from its chrysalis… %)


Pupæ or Chrysalises

[Image description: butterfly clinging to thigh of the writer]


Other Fauna



Fish (Carp & Goldfish)



Humans (the writer!)

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