Wednesday 12 March 2014

El Parque de la Paloma, Benalmádena

A couple of years back I wrote the following on my visits to Parque de la Paloma: 
"The park can be very noisy to those not used to fauna as it has a veritable ménagerie of free-roaming wildlife including rabbits, wildfowl, terrapins, peacocks, chickens and a profusion of cacophonous cockerels (roosters) in addition to cooped emus, goats and llamas. Many of the pathways are suitable for wheelies and the mobility-impaired; others require mountaineering skills and/or assistance. Electronic chairs, unless specially adapted/designed, will need to keep to the main paths as the older routes are only gravelled.

There are several cafés within the park environs, some better suited to the needs of the disabled than others. Do not be surprised to see children playing late - it is cooler, Spain is family-friendly and the kiddies will have had a siesta in the afternoon. My photo[s] below [are] of a café that has ramped access at the back and an accessible toilet."

During this winter/spring season the park has been and is still undergoing radical tidying, with pruning, thinning and whatever the verb is in relation to topiary! Additionally, there appears to have been a cull of the cockerels (roosters) as the park is much more tranquil than it used to be. Although, do not be surprised if it is busy at weekends, as the Spanish are family-orientated and you will probably observe large picnic gatherings throughout the spacious park. Assuming a quite day, you may spot a brood of pea-hens in the undergrowth or a bunny-rabbit might cross your path. As I type, the park is actually filled with blossoms: however, the parakeets are busy stripping the blooms from the branches and discarding them on the pathways.

The park was originally established in 1995, but it has the appearance of having been in Benalmádena for ever. Since my last visit, the two café-bars that had not been updated have now been so. Drinks (non-/alcoholic), snacks, light meals, desserts, milk-shakes and ice-creams can be purchased at all of them and no-one ever rushes one from one's table.

For the physically active, one can hire cycles to use in the park or one can utilise the exercise stations scattered throughout the gardens. If you just want to feed the ducks and swans - and a few pigeons & seagulls to boot - and you have forgotten to bring along some food, small bags can also be purchased.

Everyone can go home happy after a session in the park!

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