Wednesday 12 March 2014

La Mar Salá, Freiduría, Nerja: Review

Somehow, on every visit to Andalusia we get pulled back to Nerja. It is very popular with ex-pats and property prices reflect this popularity. However, we visit for the peace and charm, which might appear to be a paradox due to the town being thronged with tourists almost all year round; but there are plenty of spots from the beaten track to relax and enjoy la vida española.

[Image description: aspects of one of Nerja's beach fronts]

Normally when in Nerja we dine at the restaurant underneath the Balcón de Europa. This time we fancied a change, especially given as we did not want a multi-course luncheon. We roamed the streets noting how reasonably priced the menús del día were at just under €10/head, excluding beverages. We opted for something we had not previously seen in Spain, La Mar Salá (Calle Pintada 3) which is a type of tapas restaurant, a freiduría which specialises in deep fried foods, but especially fish and seafood.

The next three shots are of the writer, my companion and the inside of the delightful eatery.

The salad above cost €6.80 and was sufficient for two or more: tuna, avocado, white asparagus, egg, tomato, salad leaves AND prawns.

Our total bill was just under €35 which included the salad, a ración of albóndigas (meat-balls), three half raciones of fish dishes and beers. We were totally sated. The food was not oily, which rather suggests that it was cooked at a high temperature and quickly - the best way.

The service was spot-on, we never felt rushed, and was friendlier than one might expect in a tourist hot-spot. We were even advised on a better table to take so as to distance ourselves from the WCs. Bless them!

[Image description: shots of one of Nerja's small beaches]

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