Thursday, 23 August 2012

Caña cascada

Caña cascada

balanceándose sinuosamente
soplados por la melodía lánguida
brazos se extienden, forman arcos y capitulan
tocados por la brisa melancólica
miembros extendidos iteran
una vez más repitiendo
oscila suavemente
el cuerpo curvilíneo
en sí mismo una belleza
confluye en movimiento y estación
borrando la distinción
de gesto estético y forma
otra oleada musical
músculos flexionan y estiran
sin esfuerzo ostensiblemente
piernas se alargan
en un salto
aterrizan y hacen piruetas
no resistiendo el tirón
de Cloto la imparable
la danza-Destino incansable
seduce todavía
aun cuando la carne está degradada
una atrofia inexorable
a través de enfermedad
dolencia y discapacidad
que cursa el dolor
no se puede apagar
el deseo de existir
en el momento
en la curva, el giro
o la rotación
sincronía espontánea
todavía hay memoria
a veces tortuoso
agradable de vez en cuando
de capricho ágil
de flexibilidad física
de vida en plenitud vivida

Bruised Reed

[Image description: video - final scene from Pedro Almodóvar's Hable con Ella/Talk to Her; choreography by Pina Bausch; music by Bau.]

Bruised Reed

swaying sinuously
blown by the languorous melody
arms extend, arc and capitulate
touched by the melancholy breeze
outstretched limbs iterate
repeating once more
they gently oscillate
the curvaceous body
unto itself a beauty
motion and station merge
blurring the distinction
of æsthetic movement and form
another musical surge
muscles flex and stretch
effortlessly ostensibly
legs elongate
into a leap
land and pirouette
no resisting the pull
of unstoppable Clotho
the untiring Dance-Fate
she seduces still
tho’ flesh is now debased
an inexorable atrophy
via ailment, disease and disability
coursing pain
cannot extinguish
the desire to exist
in the moment
in the bend, the turn or spin
spontaneous synchronicity
still there is memory
torturous sometimes
pleasurable occasionally
of lithesome caprice
of physical pliancy
of life lived fully

Si el lector es hablante de español, puede que prefiera mi versión traducida.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Eugenics Hydra

In an update to my articles on Genetic Discrimination and NAZI Treatment of the Disabled, the menacing threat of eugenics rears its vicious and hideous Hydra heads once again.

Today's Daily Telegraph (a right-of-centre UK national newspaper favoured by the Conservative Party aka Tories) published an article on screening embryos being the moral thing for any parent to do.

Professor Savulescu, a professor of medical ethics, writes that:

"Indeed, when it comes to screening out personality flaws, such as potential alcoholism, psychopathy and disposition to violence, you could argue that people have a moral obligation to select ethically better children."

This is a potentially perilous slippery slope that leads to the weeding out of all non-desirables: the brown-eyed; the homosexual; the ethnic genes of which one is ashamed or despises... Please read the full article if you have the time.

Be very alert folks!