Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Standing Congress

This particular blog-post contains sexual imagery, including gay sex, and descriptions of a sexual nature, so please read/look no further if any of these might offend.

My favourite sexual position as the recipient of the gentleman's appendage, is one that can be enjoyed by receivers of either sex. Women have a choice of orifices, but for we blokes, well… it is the butt!

[Image courtesy; © unknown]

This position is good for me as a disabled, gay chap as there is no pressure on my hips or lower spine and my weak legs are not required to do too much.

This is the description of how to from Cosmo (Cosmopolitan magazine):

If you're a lightweight, or he has Herculean-like strength, there's a step-free way to navigate this perpendicular position: Put your arms around his neck, have him lift you by holding onto your thighs or locking his hands beneath your butt, and wrap your legs around his hips. You'll make the position less strenuous and be better able to synchronize every move if you lean against a wall or other solid surface.
The funniest commentary I have seen on this - remember my favourite - position is from in their article, "The 7 Most Preposterous Sexual Positions People Claim to Use":

[Image courtesy & ©]
I can only assume upright sex was invented as a way to shame the weak and enfeebled who are incapable of holding up an entire second person while engaged in coitus. I struggle to keep my mind on not embarrassing myself during most sexual encounters. The added stress of keeping another body aloft would be far too much, and the end result would likely be my severed dingle and her greatly bruised ass with my foot in it.
I don't feel like there are many upsides to sex in this position. It's possible the woman enjoys some kind of lofty, weightless feeling, being tossed about like a sack of potatoes, but as a guy who could probably hump a sack of potatoes if I were so inclined, I'm not seeing the benefit. In fact, I just went to my kitchen, grabbed a bag of potatoes and held it close, and no, nothing. Even if I had put my dick in it, I feel like it would have been a loss for me.

Not every man has the strength and/or the stamina to keep it up - so to speak. So, thankfully from my perspective there are several tweaks. Here a high-stool is used to take the load - phnah-phnah:

[Image courtesy & ©]

Goodtoknow entitles this position, "Tight Squeeze" and has this to say:
Great for... Spur-of-the-moment sex 
How does it work? Although this position can just about be done on the bed, it probably works better in a more spontaneous location, such as a table, kitchen work surface, chair, desk... if you get our meaning. The woman sits on the surface with her legs wrapped around the man's waist and squeezing him. The man stands facing the woman and she can wrap her arms around his back to keep herself upright.
The turn-ons:This works well for spur-of-the-moment sex, and can be done in quite a small space - that should be enough of a turn-on, if that's why you're trying it.
The turn-offs: You probably need to be quite fit to keep this up for longer than a few minutes.
You say: 'Me and my boyfriend did one similar to this. He did all the work, I just laid back and enjoyed it!'

In Spain this sexual feat is known as "El Abrazo Total" or The Total Embrace.

[Image courtesy & ©]

[Image courtesy & ©]

In the top image, the couple are free-standing. I have not actually experienced this. If there is a chap out there who can hold up a 65 Kg chap and stand in the middle of the room and shag, please get in touch! In the bottom (no pun intended but what the heck!) image, the guy is leaning his partner against a wall. This is much easier to co-ordinate and takes a little of the effort off the poor man thrusting, or trying to.

A slight adaptation to this position can be done in a narrow passageway, where the raised partner can lock him- or herself between the two walls. Yes, it can be done… but I am not telling!

Knowing this enabled me to find my next modification. This time using the bed as a firmish base.

[Image courtesy & ©]

This is what has to say:

Trayendo las piernas hacia tras, la mujer pasa a apoyar su peso en sus rodillas, disminuyendo el esfuerzo físico necesário para la posición, pero también pasando a controlar el ritmo y la intensidad de penetración. Por otro lado, en esta posición los movimientos son limitados, y por lo tanto la penetración es mas controlada, lo que puede auxiliar hombres que sufren de ejaculación precoz. Mientras el hombre utiliza las manos para sujetar el cuadril de la compañera y controlar la penetración, y ella sostiene su peso en los brazos, los cuerpos permanecen totalmente unidos, en una posición donde besos y caricias son muy bienvenidos.

The translation is: Bringing your legs straight behind, the woman goes to support her weight on his knees, reducing the physical effort required for the position, but also going to control the pace and intensity of penetration. Moreover, in this position movements are limited, and therefore penetration is more controlled, which can assist men who suffer from premature ejaculation. As the man uses his hands to hold the rump of the companion and control the penetration, and she holds her weight in his arms, bodies remain totally united, in a position where kisses and caresses are very welcome.

Okay, a bit mean; but sometimes sex does feel like learning a foreign language and not quite knowing what is what. And I am always willing to learn.

So let's go back to the tweaks, apart from using walls, one can use the bed for the receiver to balance their feet on, again taking weight off the lifter. And another variation is using a window-sill.

[Image courtesy Kamasutra Gay; © unknown]

Whilst my legs are not the strongest, due to wheeling my wheelchair my arms have both strength and stamina, so this is something I can do.

Finally, whilst attempting to source images for this article, I came across a photo of a variation of this position with three folk involved.

[Image courtesy Karmasutra Gay; © Randy Blue]

In some ways this would be even better for me as there would be two folk to hold on to me and keep me raised, thus pain-free. And for bisexuals/lesbians, I see no reason why one of the holding partners or both could not be female body-builders or weight-lifters using a strap-on.

And if you do have a weight-lifter on hand, why not try The Flying High Position where the recipient's legs are not wrapped around the giver's waist/hips, but over his shoulders and wrapped about his neck. Good grief: imagine the potential for cramp, back damage, etc. with this one! Think this may just be beyond by physical capabilities - but only just mind! ;)

[Image courtesy & ©]

Monday, 24 March 2014

Nude Photographic Session

Nearly two years ago I wrote a blog-post on the sensitive photo-art of Manuel Delgado. In a recent article of his own, the wonderfully calming and very affable Manuel (pictured below) put out a request for men to model nude for his latest project.

I come from a family of five in which everyone strolled about the house naked except for yours truly who kept tightly buttoned up in winceyette pyjamas (pajamas). Nudity was not a preferred state of mine. Yes I was the prude of the clan. In fact it has taken me a very long time to relax about my body (I am nearing my half century!). A few years back my then partner and I tried nude sunbathing on a mixed sex, mixed age naturist beach near to Marbella. Interestingly, I was the one who was first to remove his clothing. However, I shall let you into my secret: since being a wee bairn (small lad) whenever I took off my spectacles I believed no-one could see me; a little of this spell still works for me…

Anyhow, it is a big leap from being naked with hundreds of other folk, especially when surrounded by every conceivable shape and size of human being, to being photographed one to one with the potential that the artist can do whatever he likes with the image.

I wrote to Manuel. Here is part of my letter:


¿Podrías estar interesado en un chico con discapacidad, aunque no visible, por tu proyecto fotográfico?

Para mí, mi cama es una celda, una cárcel, por lo que una ‘cama-celda’. Debido a mis diversas discapacidades y enfermedades, la gran mayoría de mi vida se gasta atrapado debajo de las sábanas y dentro de las cuatro paredes de mi dormitorio. La ventana de la habitación me permite ver la vida pasar por mí. A través de ella yo oigo: las voces de niños jugando; mis vecinos disfrutar de festines al fresco; sus coches que llegan y salen, llevándolos a trabajar, el cine, el teatro, ... ; vehículos de reparto con lo que los artículos comprados en las tiendas; aviones teniendo la gente a los lugares lejanos. El paso del tiempo se repite por los cambios de luz y oscuridad. Y todo el tiempo estoy metafóricamente encadenado a mi cama; incapaz de moverme sin causar dolor.

Mi cama es mi comedor, mi baño, mi báter, mi oficina, mi salón, mi gimnasio.

Mi cama es una casa de muñecas.

Mi cama es un microcosmos de toda la vida humana.

Me pregunté si mis posiciónes en la cama sería de interés para ti: durmiendo; descansando con una almohada; trabajando / socializando a través de mi portátil; ejerciciando con mi bastón con ejercicios ideados por mi fisioterapeuta y algunas posiciones de yoga.


Might you be interested in a disabled guy, even if not visibly so, for your photographic project?

For me, my bed is a cell, a gaol; hence a ‘bed-cell’. Due to my various disabilities and infirmities, the vast majority of my life is spent entrapped under the bedclothes and within the four walls of my bedroom. The window in the room allows me to see life passing me by. Through it I hear: the voices of children playing; my neighbours enjoying alfresco repasts; their cars arriving and departing, taking them to work, the cinema, the theatre,…; delivery vehicles bringing goods bought in the shops; æroplanes taking folk to faraway places. The passing of time is iterated by the changes of light and darkness. And all the while I am metaphorically chained to my bed; unable to move without causing pain.

My bed is my dining-room, my bathroom, my toilet, my office, my drawing room, my gym.

My bed is a doll’s house.

My bed is a microcosm of all human life.

I wondered whether my positions abed would be of interest to you: sleeping; resting with a pillow; working/socialising via my laptop; exercising using my walking-stick using exercises devised by my physiotherapist and some yoga positions.

Manuel was delighted to have me on board, but wondered why I was interested. I responded:

Estoy esperando que la sesión fotográfica podría ayudarme a ponerme de acuerdo con mi propia carne.

I am hoping the photographic session could help me come to terms with my own flesh.

Manuel asked me to elaborate:

De hecho, estoy viendo el proyecto como potencialmente poderoso para mí. En los últimos años he estado aprendiendo a enfrentarme a mi pasado, mi psiquis, mi mortalidad, mi aspecto físico (ya que interactúa con el espacio). Ahora tengo que aceptar el cuerpo que me ha fallado, en una manera de hablar. Quiero llegar a un acuerdo con y hacerme amigo de esta carne debilitada y en su defecto, a aceptar que es tan parte de mí como mi mente.

Durante muchos años he estado intelectualmente atraído por la filosofía del holismo. Me parece que ya es la hora de que pongo en práctica la teoría en lo que respecta a mí mismo.

Indeed, I see the project as potentially empowering for me. Over the last few years I have been learning to confront my past, my psyche, my mortality, my physicality (how it interacts in space). Now I must accept the body that has failed me, in a manner of speaking. I want to come to an accord with and make friends with this weak and defective flesh, to accept that it is as much a part of me as my mind.

For many years I have been intellectually attracted to the philosophy of holism. It seems to me that now is the time to put the theory into practice in respect to my self.

On Saturday 15th, in a village-like barrio of Málaga, I entered the space in which the photographs were to be taken having already removed most of my clothing other than my briefs and socks. The photos below demonstrate that depending where in the room one is positioned how one perceives the light. Manuel has set it up so that soft, natural light cascades on to the subject from a slightly raised window. All the background is white, so that flesh tones are enhanced.

Manuel warned me that the session would be quite long lasting up to two-and-a-half hours, which it did. But oddly how speedily time passed. I gradually warmed to Madame Cámara, slowly giving in to her charms until I was directly facing her on my belly, lower legs swinging in the air. I was actually disappointed when the session came to an end.

Liberating. Invigorating. Affirming.

Manuel showed me some of the images he had taken. I teared up, as I had never ever even imagined my body could look æsthetically attractive.

At the end I was permitted to replace my glasses and Manuel took some snaps with my camera. The viewer can perceive just how relaxed I was. These are not positions that were taken in the main session; but they give a sense of how the scene was set up and the wonderful colours.

[WARNING: nude images below]

Me - beautiful !?!

Daniel Mainé's "Beartoncity" Series

Last week I went on a book-buying spree and related my bibliophile adventures in a blog-post on the bookshops of Málaga city centre.

I was thrilled, still am, to finally lay my hands on the Beartoncity comic-novels of Daniel Mainé, which had proved so elusive in the UK. I am a big fan of bears and cubs (osos y cachorros) and Daniel has created a predominantly gay world, where heteros are the minority, and we queers can do what we do best…

Yesterday was a sunny, quiet Sunday in my apartment block. Most of the neighbours were out on their balconies: sunbathing; breakfasting/lunching; book/newspaper reading.

I picked up my copy of El Abominable Hombre Del Cuarto Oscuro and began to read Xavier Domenech’s humorous preface. I spluttered, giggled, laughed until I realised I was disturbing the neighbourhood! I retired to the inner sanctum of my apartment. It was a good job: when I reached the bingo scene, I was guffawing until tears rolled down my cheek and I was left breathless and aching. Furthermore, the tome is full of erotic sex scenes which entailed a physiological response which would have proven rather embarrassing in front of my strait-laced, middle-class neighbours!

Today, I sat on the balcony again, no need to worry about onlookers as folk are out at work, or whatever.

I cracked open volume two, Crisis En Tierras De Cruising. Guillem Medina’s introduction got some giggles out of me. Whilst this latter tome had me laughing, not so much as the first. Nor were there as many erotic scenes - but hey!;) Additionally, the narrative is very episodic due to the introduction of a whole raft of new characters, the BAD guys. Presumably - and hopefully!!! - this is setting up for the next in the series. This second in the series though was worth the read for me just to see Alberto aka Green Lighter interacting with his family. Al is the cutest (he's also the lone straight of the superheroes). But I wish I could be as free as Ironbear in my choice of attire.

I sourced my copies from En Portada Comics. The helpful assistant has ordered me a copy of ¿Quién es quién?. Cannot wait for it to arrive on Friday!

I also hope that some English-language publisher seizes the opportunity to print the series in translation.


After so much time in Spain and away from the UK, I am beginning to miss rain…

An alternative title to this poem would be 'goose-bumps' or might even be 'orgasm'!


a wonderful
if infrequent
horripilant event
a mild evening
a light rain falling
shooting stars
visible momentarily
passing through
the amber glow
of street lighting
raindrops tickle
my exposed flesh
a cool breeze
tousling my hair
though not worrying
how I appear
a sweet, earthy scent
exudes from nature’s pores
my nostrils
and stimulates
my olfactory sense
a total
my id and ego
are in accord
just for once
my physiology
are dispatched
my breathing deepens
of cutaneous muscles
of hairs on my skin
temporary pimples
spread like a rash
and in turn
this arouses
a further reaction
another deep inhalation
and a shiver
takes root in my chest
sending its tendrils
to my neck
and chills
down my spine
all the way to my coccyx
the ignition
to a body-wide
of pleasurable

Friday, 21 March 2014

Bookshops of Málaga City Central

This is my 150th published post. How fitting that it is on the written word, in book-form mind!

Having spent quite some time researching the existence and locations of some fifteen or sixteen bookshops (bookstores) known as librerías in Spanish in the casco (old town) of Málaga city centre and just outside the centre around the edificios El Corte Inglés, it was with a certain degree of horror that I realised I had left all my notes, itinerary, route and map on the coffee-table. Still, I retained some of the information in my head, having visited the city centre on many occasions over the past twelve years.

[Image description: all my new books]

My original intention had been to start off with a cup of coffee in Plaza de la Merced before visiting Librería Rayuela Idiomas at No. 17. However to reach my destination I passed Librería Renacer at No. 45 in Calle Granada. My eyes were immediately drawn to an image of The Little Prince on La existencia abierta: Para lectores de El Principito by Rafael Tomás Caldera. Once inside, it seemed to me that this particular bookshop may be politely termed devotional as religious tomes appear to dominate the shelves. The service was slightly odd with the young assistant looking petrified, though the elder chap helpfully recommended my selection of an English-Spanish Bible. However, even he ignored me once money had been handed over. No salutations on entering or leaving then. This was the only bookshop I visited that did not have either paper-bags or plastic-bags printed up with logos.

[Image description: shop façade and signage]

[Image description: books & bag]

My next stop, still before my first coffee, was unexpected as it neither appears on google-maps nor on my google search. Off Calle Granada is the ultra-modern Plaza de la Judaría. Here I found a book-seller dedicated solely to children's literature. Li-Bri-Tos was established in 1984 and was by far the best laid-out and accessible shop I visited. Each selection is individually wrapped and then the shopkeeper uses calligraphy to inscribe the recipient's name on a plain paper-bag. Lovely, personal touch!

[Image description: shop façade]

[Image description: book & individualised bag]

Finally I got my cuppa from a friendly café-bar in the square. Before settling down for a few minutes rest, I had already taken note of Librería Rayuela Idioma's location. I was initially ignored on entering despite there being no other customers in the store. However, my "Buenos días" was returned. Once I made a selection, the cashier became much friendlier and did point out that La Cochera on Calle Madre de Dios was no longer there; so that did save me a fruitless walk.

[Image description: shop façade and signage]

[Image description: book, bookmark & bag]

From that point my plans went to pot. Málaga's film festival was in full swing and roads were blocked hither and thither, if not by police, by TV crews, etc. I got very lost and went way off course. After asking an elderly gentleman with a kind demeanour I was placed back on track.

My next stop was Mapas Y Compañía on Calle de la Compañía 33. This store was by far the most idiosyncratic of those shops visited. If for no other reason, the bibliophile will be taken on a fantastical journey. And the staff on the whole were friendly, but distrait, distracted and peculiar. An experience, to be sure!

[Image description: shop façade and signage]

[Image description: books & bag]

Next I paid visits to a couple of second-hand book repositories, Librería Abadía and then Codice. The former can be found on Calle Comedias and the latter on Calle Cárcer.

[Image descriptions: shop façades and signage]

On Calle Nosquera, No. 10, I finally found a comic-book shop. Entering En Portada Comics was just like slipping into a scene from Big Bang Theory - nerds, geeks and other social misfits milling, searching, discussing and some even making merry. I finally succeeded in getting hold of Daniel Mainé's Beartoncity novels, which proved totally unobtainable in the UK. That put a spring in my step. I also managed to source my favourite Tintin novel, King Ottakar's Sceptre, in Spanish. Another smile on my face! The service was the best I received anywhere, with the assistant doing his very best to find what I wanted and even ordering what he did not have. Bless him!

[Image description: shop façade and signage]

[Image description: books & bag]

It was time for a cup of early afternoon tea, after which I crossed the river, walked past the El Corte Inglés (ECI) and went in search of FNAC. There is no photo of the façade as this is a department store within Centro Commercial Málaga Plaza. However, below is a snap-shot of the book & stationery department. Despite several assistants swanning around, none offered any assistance let alone letting on. This store was surprisingly the most dusty. Some of the books were just filthy. Set off several bouts of sneezing. However, I had aimed to purchase from each place I visited, so I selected a couple of gifts and went to the cash-till (check-out). Out of a rank of four, only one was being used and that had a queue. The cashier gave me an apologetic look - it certainly was not her fault!

I hobbled over the main road and entered ECI, but they were unable to sell me the book I was after, but they did offer to order it and have it there in a couple of days.

After six hours of shopping, I arrived back at my apartment shattered, aching but nonetheless pleasantly satisfied. I am a book-lover after all… %)

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

La Huerta, Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmádena: Review

Regular readers of this blog will by now have realised I am currently in Spain. Whilst the Spanish are trying to catch up, the infrastructure companies are dallying in rolling out modern, fast internet (amongst other telecommunications difficulties - just try getting a telephone line!). I have had to hunt hither & thither for a good wifi connection. In the hotel it costs me €20/week and is slower than the 1.5 Mb/s I get back home! So I found a zona wifi gratuita - free wifi - at La Huerta tapas-bar.

The staff are lovely. The food even lovelier. And I should never in a million years have thought to chill Rioja; but mmmmmmmm how it works! A glass of wine and a tapas costs typically about €4-5, depending on what you select.

I had best also point out that I have not used La Huerta once without a local or tourist starting me up in conversation. It is that kind of friendly place.

Of course, I recommend. I visit once to twice each week. And by the by, their espresso - or café solo corto - is delicious: just do not let on to the owner that the barman makes the better cup! ;)

[Image description: external front façade]

[Image description: barman & owner; they insist they are both tasty
but I have not licked them to determine if this is so!]

[Image description: magro {thigh jamón} con tomate]

[Image description: my favourite of their dishes, pulpo a la Galega
- don't ask what it is, just try it!]

[Image description: salchichones with chilled Rioja]


St. Patrick's Day on the Costa del Sol

On Monday 17th March the Costa del Sol celebrated St. Patrick's Day, Día de San Patricio, in Benalmádena for the eighteenth consecutive year - so it has become quite a tradition. Hopefully I have this right: I believe that the Irish Association of Spain helps organise the event or takes the lead. The Irish being as hospitable as they are, the aforesaid group is open to Irish and non-Irish alike. Bless them!

Events on the day commenced with early drinking, of course, and lots of chatting and laughter. Officially though things started with a mass at Virgen del Carmen church after which folk paraded via Parque de la Paloma to the feria ground next door.

The above couple, dressed in the Irish finery were actually Spanish. The locals literally take to heart that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day. %D

Hopefully the photos give a snap-shot of the feel of the day, the crowds, the music, the celebration and the general sense of affability shared amongst all the nationalities participating.

'Twas a good day, to be sure! %D

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Matahambre, Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmádena: Review

After a Friday night jazz concert in February in Benalmádena's cultural centre (in Arroyo de la Miel) ending at ten in the evening, my companion Ana & I were ready for some nosh (food). In Spain that is just about peak time for dinner, so we were surprised that Matahambre (which literally means "kill hunger"!) were able to fit us in; but they squeezed us into a corner. There is outside seating and it was totally available, but it was a tad too cool to sit outside at that time of night.

Inside looks like a mediæval cellar; but I am reliably informed that the décor is all new for this latest of hip eateries in the town's commercial district.

[Image description: inside the restaurant just before midnight!]

In the above photograph one can see top left, goat's cheese salad (@ €7.50/media ración), and top right, partridge salad (@ €8.25/media ración). Having been charged €6 for a simple green salad of lettuce & cucumber in one of the beach-front restaurants, I feel taking into account their size, cost, quality and presentation were well worth the pennies spent. Neither of us finished our salads, but the staff were more than happy to make doggy bags for the both of us.

And why did we not finish such delicious food you may well ask: well, we had seen the desert menu and dishes being served up to table. We two chocoholics had set our hearts on sampling the triple chocolate cake (@ €4.75) - and we were not in the least disappointed.

Two glasses of wine, two waters and a Fanta limón after two hours of gossiping came to €10, the going rate at most cafés, bars and restaurants.

[Image descriptions: Ana & the writer enjoying the TRIPLE CHOCOLATE cake!]

The service from the guapo waiters & managers (who were chucking in their hands too) was at times a tad dilatory, but given the place was packed to the rafters hardly astonishing.

I shall definitely be returning to Matahambre again to sample more delights from their extensive menu. This tapas restaurant is a MUST for any visitor to Benalmádena! %D