Thursday 13 March 2014

Mister Noodles, Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmádena: Review

At the end of January, I had the pleasure of seeing re-interpretations of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker in Torremolinos with my friend Ana. We promised ourselves a treat after the programme at Mister Noodles on the high street in Arroyo de la Miel, the commercial centre of Benalmádena.

At busy times, one has to wait for free spaces at tables - it is that popular. Other than a noodle-bar being a novelty, it is hard to understand such popularity. Whilst the food is tasty, it is pricey for what it is and the service was below par - lackadaisical and a stubborn "can't-do" attitude.

Per the menu:

"Todo servido con salsa a su gusto 
de soja, ostra, agridulce o chilli.
All served with your choice of sauce: soya, oyster, sweet & sour or chilli" (sic)

In actual fact we were given a choice of spicy or not spicy: despite my requests for alternatives (extra ginger), the Asian waitress insisted these were the sole choices.

Spring-rolls, two noodle dishes and two drinks came to €25, roughly what one might expect to pay for a three-course menu del día plus a drink each.

Given this is fast food and requires very little in the way of cooking - everything is simply tossed in a wok for a couple of minutes, it is difficult to see how such high prices can be justified.

Nonetheless, comments and photos on Mister Noodles' facebook page demonstrate that it most certainly is going down a storm.

[Image descriptions: the front façade and terrace of said restaurant]

If you are used to the Thai, Japanese or noodle-bar restaurants back in the UK, it is likely Mister Noodles will be slightly disappointing; but if noodles are a novelty to you, then this is probably a fair primer to the cuisine.

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