Friday 4 March 2016

There & Back Again: Over the Tyne Bridge

[Image description: close-up of the bridge's structure; © & courtesy photoeverywhere]


What is a visit to Newcastle-upon-Tyne without touching base with the Tyne Bridge. Three-headed Victorian street-lights stand to attention every few metres across the span. We had no reason to travel south of the river, but I insisted upon a quick jaunt over the mighty Tyne. Even my friend and driver enjoyed going over to the other side and of course back again. What is it about boys and going over bridges (rhetorical!).

Do not fear that you will end up in Gateshead, or even Sunderland, before being able to turn around: whilst it cannot be seen at first, there is the equivalent of a roundabout which enables an about-turn without having to risk doing a U-turn. It is not well sign-posted though, so one needs to keep one's wits about oneself and eyes trained.

Enjoy & marvel at the wondrous engineering! %)

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