Friday 4 March 2016

Theo's Fish & Chips, Timperley: a Review

My home is actually closer to the Sale branch of Theo's - but neither myself, my housemate nor my neighbours frequent it. We have however used Theo's on Shaftesbury Avenue, Timperley, and have been content with their offering in the past.

[Image description: Google map of the location of my two local Theo's]

Coming from a fish & chip background, I know quite well that virtually no shops now double-cook their chips, and hence the soggy masses most of us put up with. Personally, I tend to go to the Chinese take-away if I want crispy chips. On this occasion, Theo's served up what appeared to be chip off-cuts, soggy and quite wan. They were pretty flavourless - other than the oil oozing all over the plate. I make my own oven chips at home, and know that there are plenty of good quality chipping potatoes available this year, so there really can be no excuse.

The fish had been over floured and the batter was another soggy, dense mass. Batter should be light and crispy. Firstly, the batter had not been sufficiently ærated and secondly the fish had not been cooked at a high enough temperature to make it crisp. The same goes for the chips.

Usually, the mushy peas have been of a good texture, so on this occasion we ordered large pots. Again we were disappointed. The peas swam out of their containers like a thick soup and across the plates.

To add insult to injury, the service was quite curmudgeonly. Whilst there was a steady stream of customers, it could not have been described as busy.

I hate wasting food; but this went in the bin.

Theo's have just lost two loyal if sporadic customers.

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