Friday 4 March 2016

Grey Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Georgian Elegance. Sophisticated Shopping. Fine Dining.


[Image description: the honey-coloured stone façades; © & courtesy FreeFoto]


Grey Street street gently curves down-/up-wards, so even mobility-impaired me can hobble down/up it. Every time I have done so it has been a day not unlike the photograph: blue sky, wispy clouds and a chill in the air or a cool breeze. I always feel at some point in my descent/ascent that I am in some Georgian or Regency novel. This is not an area for discount stores or bargain-hunters, one has to pay for the high-end clothing or haute cuisine.

Worth strolling along even if one's purse does not permit any spending here. Maybe even daydream being in an Austen or Brontë novel. ;)


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