Friday 4 March 2016

Gosforth Palace (née Poon's), Newcastle-upon-Tyne: a Review

I have been a regular visitor of the Chinese restaurant Gosforth Palace (it's dropped the Poon's part of its name now) for twenty years this year. Nigh on every time I visit Newcastle, I go over to Gosforth to dine with a chum from my undergraduate days. I have never once had a bad meal in all these years, so naturally I recommend it. Even more so now that I am disabled, for despite the long flight of stairs up to the dining area, there is a chair-lift for those of us who cannot mount on our own legs.

[Image description: a shot of © Gosforth Palace when still signed as Poon's]

On this occasion we were five folk: myself & my best friend; my chum; her son; and, my chum's mother.

The family decided upon duck pancakes for their starter. My friend and I for different, but warming, soups. The duck was demolished and not a pancake was spared. I think we can say it went down a treat! My companion had won ton soup. Sometimes won tons can be slightly gristly or have a faint taste of fat. Not here. My companion was oohing over them. I opted for chicken & sweetcorn soup: there was plenty of the maize but little poultry. I have had better, but the soup was perfectly acceptable.

Everyone opted for different main courses. Nothing went back to the kitchen, save for empty plates and dishes. The wee lad has eaten noodles ever since he saw the first Kung Fu Panda film. He has them plain with egg-fried rice. It was lovely to see him eat so heartily.

My chum's mum and I both opted for noodle dishes. They serve the least greasy/oily noodles I have ever had. I chose a mixed seafood chow mein. It was perfect: the right amount to not over face but to satiate. I did not recognise everything I was eating; but it was all quite tasty.

My friend & my chum both commented on how light the egg-fried rice was, again no greasiness nor oiliness.

Service is just right: there if you need it, but not in one's face. I did not need to use my hand-gel, for towels are offered both prior to and post dining.

The food is not cheap, nor particularly expensive; for the quality and quantity I should state very reasonable.

Of course I shall be back next time I am in the North-East. %PPP

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