Friday 4 March 2016

Longsands Beach, Tynemouth

There's something for anyone happy to entertain themselves on a beach at Longsands.

[Image description: view of the beach at time of writing;
from live-cam, © & courtesy]

Parking is very limited here. The pathway and roadway from the road to the beach and beach-café is very steep. If one cannot park near the bottom, I would not want to be wheeled down in my wheelchair and I certainly could not self-wheel down the steep gradient.

We were lucky to stake claim to a parking-slot. My chum & I sat on the verandah of the beach-café and observed my companion teaching and helping her son fly a kite. That kept them occupied for a good hour. Occasionally needing to avoid the one other kite-flyer.

There are rocks to explore and plenty of golden sand for castle-construction. Many locals use this particular stretch of sea for surfing. Others play soccer matches in livery or simple kick-about in casual clothing. Still others just stroll from one end to t'other some with dogs by their sides. There were lots and lots of folk using the beach for one thing or another the day I visited, despite a cold wind blowing onshore.

Looking forward to returning. I know the lad wants to fly his kite again. %)

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