Monday 14 April 2014

Gay-Friendly Mérida (Spain) ?

[Image description: Mérida's Roman bridge]

Number of gay bars in Mérida - 0 {possibly 1 down some back alley out at the back-of-beyond per possibly queer maître d'}
Number of gay-friendly bars in Mérida - 0
Number of gay clubs in Mérida - 0
Number of gay-friendly clubs in Mérida - 0
Number of out gays in Mérida - close to 0
Number of closeted bi's per GAYDAR - l0ts!!!!!!
Number of gay-friendly places that taxi-drivers can take one to in Mérida - that would be, errmm… 0

Oh, and virtually all research for gay-friendly accommodation in Mérida points to the Parador, where we are staying.

Number of gay guests in Parador - 2 {yes, that would be us!!!}

How gay-friendly is Mérida - %O

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