Saturday 14 September 2013

BlogSummit: Part 4

"5 things to make your food blog better"

Emily Leary, & @amummytoo.

"The more you cook, the better you become…and the more creative your output"

Look for the community and get involved and that way one will pick up lots of tips and ideas.

Give credit and link to those whose recipes one uses. Ask first if one wants to reproduce a whole recipe.

Use props to give a more complete ambience for the dish.

Sort out the white-balance on photographs - remove the blue sheen. White needs to be white.


"So you want to be a food blogger"

Helen Best-Shaw,, @fussfreehelen

Are you passionate?

Do you love food?

Do you think about food all the time?

Content: recipes; restaurant reviews; baking; cooking; etc.

Do you want to be niche? Vegan; gluten-free, etc.

Ensure recipes do actually work.

List the ingredients in the order they are to be added.

Never plagiarise!

No need to be intimidated by photography.

One can work with brands, but it can be boring both for oneself and one's readers. If one goes to an event then add a conclusion at the end including some comments about the event and its relation to the recipe being blogged about.

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