Saturday 14 September 2013

BlogSummit: Part 3

According to the agenda we are to expect:

"an inspiring session with Sarah McIntyre, who will talk about how she uses blogging to build a community, to keep creatively inspired and provide a platform for her very successful illustrated books."

As a big fan of children's literature I was sitting expectantly, eyes and ears totally zoned in. Sarah is an author and the illustrator of Morris the Mankiest Monster, You Can't Eat a Princess and her latest release, Oliver and the Seawigs. She is based in London at The Fleece Station. Her blog Jabberworks can be found here.

She uses illustrations to engage readers of her blog and help direct them to her commercial allies. For example using an internet neme.

If one sets oneself a challenge, it stimulates the creative juices. For example blogging hourly about what one is doing. Interacting day-to-day with another blogger. Suggest folk draw, write, photograph badly so that it takes the pressure off people from thinking things have to be perfect or not attempted at all. If one can create a sense of fun, folk will engage.

Mine old diaries for ideas. When abroad produce travelogues of details, sights and sounds. If attending an event, give it a simple blog title that readily relates; folk tend to look for articles that most match their search criteria.

Video can also attract folk as well as being something to stimulate one's own creativity. Sarah used iMovie.

Getting folk to vote on items can increase engagement with one's blog. Similarly step-by-step photographs of how one reached one's goal also is of interest to individual's as this can be a learning experience.

If one wishes to leave an impression, always dress to impress, as photos might be taken and appear online.

Link to one's other social media.

Acknowledge the input from readers.

If one must criticise, be constructive. Negative criticism could lead to an awkward situation in the future.

WoW, Sarah was so full of enthusiasm and overflowing with ideas and notions. %D

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