Saturday 14 September 2013

BlogSummit: Part 1

Firstly we were welcomed most warmly by Sally to BlogSummit and then introduced to:

Elizabeth & Ruth from Volvo who are here as part of their blog-outreach; and,

Katy & Jen from Cow & Gate to launch their new fruit pouches.

"How to Deal with Criticism and Promote Your Book
(or, how to be a tosser* and still sell things)

[*tosser in British English has several meanings around the multiple uses of toss; the implication here is 'masturbator' cum 'idiot']

Next up was hunky blogger ( & author, Ben Wakeling, @benwakeling, who advised us that he has not been a tosser since marrying despite being named "the highest tosser in the land"

He advises to write as if no-one is reading; simply scribe for oneself, express your own thoughts.

Whilst he appreciated the positive comments, he was stung by the very occasional negative strike. One needs to develop a thick skin if one does not already have such. There is no need to respond. Try to embrace criticism.

"It is okay to offend people." We have freedom of speech in the UK. It is NOT okay, however, to harass somebody. Folk like to be riled. Controversy stimulates. But debate requires that one believe in what one says so that one is able to justify the position in debate.

The amount of attention a post receives is not proportionate to the amount of effort put in to crafting it.

Blogging may eventually lead one to write a book. But on a blogger's funds, one probably does not have much of a budget to market an e-/book. So, one needs to have a very focused mind.

Write a marketing strategy.

Tweet sensibly.

Add the personal touch - such as including a hand-written note.

Find someone renowned to write a comment about it.

Send copies where they will make the most impact.

Blogging should not be a chore; it should be FUN! %D

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