Saturday 14 September 2013

BlogSummit: Part 2

Ruth Arnold, @geekmummy, then came on to talk us through the most important elemants in blogging.

"Cool Geeky Stuff you can do with your Blog…
…that isn't as hard as you think it is"

There is a whole page on the blog giving supporting material on her blog.

Images: resize images to below 640 pixels as this makes downloading one's blog-page quicker for the user.

If one stores too many photos on blogger for example one can easily end up exceeding the free storage limit.

Watermark the images to protect copyright.

One can check whether one's content has been copied elsewhere.

Reblogging: try to be courteous and request permission prior to doing so; ensure if someone reblogs one's own page that they include the link back and can follow back one's own blog.

Blog-button's or blog-badges can be used on other folk's blogs to link back to one's own blog. There is a tutorial on TOTS100's site.

Back-up! It is possible to break your blog, data can corrupt or one's blog can be hacked. On Blogger for example one can press the "export" option to ensure there is a back-up copy for emergency use.

Analytics or statistics can be useful. For example what is one's most popular content. If one uses more than one analytics, one will get different results. The highest is always right!

Consider obtaining one's own domain name - find a friendly geek to assist one in setting up (initially only). If you are on blogger, do not purchase via Google as renewing can be difficult. Find others to recommend their favoured domain host.

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