Wednesday 20 November 2019

Muslim Extremists?

Friendly reminder that non-white skin does NOT equal Muslim. Educate yourself and learn to tell the difference! Oh, and there are are plenty of white-skinned Muslims both in UK, Europe (e.g. Bosnia) and the rest of the World.

Second friendly reminder that all extremists are not Muslims. There are, for examples, extremist “Hindus” in India (attacking Muslims & Christians), extremist “Buddhists” in Burma (attacking Muslims), extremist atheists in Russia (attacking LGBTI folk) and extremist “Christians” in the USofA (attacking anyone). These extremists are terrorists and, in the case of religionists, are not following the call of their respective faiths.

DAESH (often called ISIS) are NOT a Muslim organisation, despite their claims and the efforts of right-wing media to suggest so. They are political extremists, terrorists. Nowadays we know that the so-called Christian Crusades were nothing of the sort, but power-plays and a means to obtain, money, gold, assets & land.

Learn from the lessons of history! Question the agendas of media outlets and the motives of politicos! Do not accept the superficial and soundbite propaganda of those in power over us!

Muslim does not equal extremist.

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