Sunday 8 September 2019

Steman Restaurant: a Review

Sometimes the nicest things occur quite unexpectedly. For our last night in Vienna, we had hoped to dine at one of our favourite Viennese eateries. It was a warm, pleasant evening so we slowly strolled over to the restaurant. Alas, the whole place was taken for a private function. We headed back and decided we should stop at the first place that took our fancy.

[Image Description: the outer façade]

We found ourselves at Steman (on the corner opposite our most visited eating-place, Café Jelinek - see previous reviews). Outside was thronged with garrulous city residents. We entered the practically deserted interior. A charming waiter - as we thought - rushed over and enquired whether we wished to dine inside or outside. It was a fifty-fifty split. However, there had been a cancellation so there was a table for two available. Luck was finally on our side!

The red-headed chap turned out to be the maître d’ and he spoke impeccable English (and without a US-American drawl). He even coped with our attempts at speaking Wienerisch, the local dialect.

[Image description: Rindknödelsuppe, beef & dumpling soup]

Steman is highly rated on various websites. This is not a place to sample haute cuisine, but rather the local dishes cooked in a homely manner. The staff are amiable and helpful, without being overbearing.

[Image descriptions: top, black-pudding & pan-fried potatoes;
bottom, Spätzle, a sort of ham & scrambled-egg but better!]

We sampled several dishes. The portions - for us at least - were too generous and despite our best efforts we were unable to consume every last scrap (image below). The food was tasty and hearty - as can be seen from the images. Given the quantity and quality the food represented very good value for money.

At the end our kindly maître d’ gifted us a glass of a locally concocted spirit - apple Schnapps. It was warming and quite delicious: a delightful digéstif to end the repast.

Steman is definitely recommended. We shall be back when next in Vienna - hopefully for a Christmas Market weekend.

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