Sunday 8 December 2019

UK General Election 2019

All the hate and toxicity around General Election 2019 is fuelling my anxiety. I have woken in the wee small hours two nights in a row having a panic-attack. So, I have decided that this is my last political post until after the election.

Please do use your vote. The number of electors who abstain outnumbers those who vote for any party. We can collectively make a difference. Abstention in effect means support for whoever takes control. And by abstaining you are sharing in the culpability of their wrong-doing through your failure to act.

Please do vote wisely. Where necessary use tactical voting to ensure no-deal BREXIT is not the result. Currently, a vote for Brexit is also a vote for the collapse of the United Kingdom, as Northern Ireland will be forced to re-unite with Eire and Scotland will do its darndest to secede.

I should personally like to vote Green; but where I reside they have little support. On Thursday I shall be voting Labour, not out of love nor respect nor even admiration, but because I believe they are the only party at this election who just might be able to turn around the UK and prevent its break-up.

A final reminder: no-one will be able to turn around after the election and say that they did not know the consequences. Democracy is about shared responsibility of all the people for the people. Don your individual responsibility, use your rights and vote with your conscience for policies not for personalities!

Thank you for reading. %)

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