Saturday 24 September 2016

Okami, a Japanese's Japanese Restaurant: a Review

Anyone who has eaten Japanese cuisine in the UK knows how expensive it can be. Okami, situated very close to the cathedral in Málaga city, serves up excellent value for money dishes. As we were not paying such high prices, we felt comfortable trying dishes unknown to ourselves.

 [Image descriptions: top, the external façade; bottom left, from our table looking towards the restaurant window; bottom right, our table looking towards the prep area]

This restaurant was established and is owned by a genuine Japanese. The dishes are completely authentic, other than where they specifically state in the menu that they are fusion - such as hamburgers Japanese style.

[Image description: our waitress & chef in the prep area]

Anyone who has followed my reviews over the years probably knows that I love my fish. (The only fish I refuse to eat - having tried it once - is pike!) Having sampled quite a lot of deep-fried fish and fish cooked a la plancha (grilled or braised) over the past week in Málaga, I was ready to experience raw fish. I selected chirashi [big bowl - for those who like large portions] (sashimi [thin-sliced, raw meat or fish] e ikura [salmon roe] con arroz sushi [rice]) - see the image below. I had not realised, but due to lunching on a weekday, I was given a bowl of miso soup and a bowl of edaname beans as a surprise. I shared the latter amongst my dining companions. The soup contained small pieces of tofu and seaweed and was the best Miso I personally have ever consumed. The beans were perfectly cooked and sweet to taste. My main came with wasabi, sweet-pickled ginger slices and soy-sauce. I demolished the lot as it was absolutely delicious. At €16 for two courses I am not complaining one iota: real value for money for such high-quality cuisine.

Other dishes selected by my chums included: fideos yakisoba con ibérico - slightly spicy noodles with Iberian ham & vegetables; and a mixed sushi platter (bottom image below). My carer found his large noodle-dish to be very satisfying and filling. My other two companions took their time, but did manage to finish off their shared platter after a starter of tuna tartare with avocado (top image below).

A mixed plate of desserts were not to my taste as they were too sweet, but for those with a sweet-tooth (i.e. the other three) something different to sample.

The total bill for four adults with drinks came to €81.70. Shared out that works out at a very reasonable price to pay for a substantial luncheon. 

Okami is wheelchair accessible and one of my companions was able to use the WC without difficulties.

I can hardly wait to return! %PPP


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