Friday 16 September 2016

El Mentidero Restaurant: A Review

I am a huge fish & seafood fan: if I could, I should eat it every day. So staying in Málaga, a port city, I am naturally going to take advantage at every possible opportunity to sample the harvest from the sea.

[Image descriptions: frontage & signage]

On our first night in Málaga I persuaded my companion to dine at a fish restaurant because the menu stated that they also served "carne" - meat dishes. It was the espetos de sardinas grilling on an open barbecue in the window that drew my attention. And luckily there was just one vacant table waiting to be occupied. I did not give my friend any leeway, I sat myself down as rapidly as my arthritic body would let me!

[Image description: espeto de sardinas]

The espeto turned out to be the most disappointing aspect of our dining experience: not bad, not good; just so-so. However the rest of what transpired to be a veritable feast was fabulous.

[Image description: atún con manteca]

The highlight for both my carer & myself - and a dish we intend to return for before we return to England - is the atún con manteca or tuna with pork dripping. Tuna in Spain is not what we in the UK are used to: it comes in all sorts of varieties, cuts and styles. This dish was a thin steak of slightly dried tuna. Served with cold, toasted bread slices the combination might sound incongruous, but oh the flavour and texture in the mouth…! All that remained was one slice of unwanted toast.

[Image description: empty plate]

My chum is a fiend for home-made Spanish croquetas or croquettes. At Mentidero their speciality is a creamy cod & cheese delicacy. Friend demolished them all. And he heartily recommends.

[Image description: rosada a la plancha with salad - half the fish consumed!]

I opted for rosada a la plancha or grilled/braised kingklip. This is a very common fish dish in Andalusia. However, in fourteen years of visiting this was the best I had ever consumed - totally, except for a tiny mouthful I permitted my pal! The flesh is thick, flaky, succulent and very tasty.

[Image description: bread basket]

A bread basket accompanied the meal - the Spanish seem to eat bread with everything. Often such bread is dry and tasteless. We, however, were treated to the lightest of light corn-breads, which was slightly sweet with a cake-like texture. Surprisingly it went really well with all our dishes.

The house dry white wine had a slightly citric flavour that balanced well with the seafood.

We anticipate returning to El Mentidero very soon… Oh, yum!

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