Friday 16 September 2016

Amigos Restaurant, Málaga: A Review

It being my friend's birthday, our choice of dinner eatery was his decision. He opted for Amigos, an Indian & Mexican (!) offering. When we turned up just after nine and a table for two had been saved outside on the terrace. We were quickly given menus and just about had time to select a bottle of delicious Cava when the waitress returned for our drinks order.

 [Image description: external signage]

We scoured the extensive menu. My chum was salivating at the thought of his lamb Madras and I also at my lamb Korma. Unfortunately it was not to be, for me at least. Prior to choosing Amigos we had been advised that everything could be made without garlic, to which I am seriously allergic. However, the waitress returned to advise that all the lamb had been marinated in garlic. Yikes! She suggested a beef fajita. A tad disappointed at not getting to have curry, I settled for the suggestion. Alas, not for long. Next up, the manager was next to the table advising that all the beef had also been marinated in garlic. He then apprised that the sole dish I could have at the restaurant was a rib-eye steak.

(To be honest, I sometimes experience similar issues with Indian restaurants in England. However, I have found wonderful eateries that cook everything from scratch, where a garlic-free curry is no issue whatsoever.)

The birthday-boy wolfed down his aromatic dish. He passed on that the pillau rice was one of the lightest he had ever had. A Sikh chap & his wife to one side of us and a Norwegian couple on the other also cleaned their respective plates. Empty plates are surely the highest compliment one can pay to a chef!

[Image description: steak & chips]

My steak was full of flavour and surprisingly for rib-eye lacking in gristle or excess fat. The outer reaches of the flesh were succulent as well, but the centre of the steak - whilst still delicious - had a rather dry texture.

 [Image description: empty plates]

Service throughout our dining experience was fast, efficient and very professional. The slowest part was waiting for the portable card-reader in order to pay.

My companion would return in a trice. I of course, due to my food allergy, would prefer to go elsewhere.

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