Thursday 21 April 2016

Y: the last man / Y: el último hombre : a review

During my annual residence in Spain last year, I purchased from En Portada Comics the ten graphic novels in Spanish (image above) that comprise the complete set of Y: the last man / Y: el último hombre. Most I read during my quotidian visits to Maracas Beach Bar in Benalmádena Costa. However, the last I had to wait to read, as I again lost my ability to read for enjoyment. Due to a bout of insomnia I completed my reading of the series.

Several years ago, I came across volume one in English (image above) in the appropriate section of Manchester's branch of Waterstone's. At the time I loved the idea of a world without men, in which the last man alive tries to stay alive and battle his way across the planet to find his betrothed. Just a good job that he turns out to be heterosexual, otherwise it might have proved a disaster for humankind!

I do not wish to reveal any more of the plot: however, for those who do not find synopses detract from their enjoyment of books, a brief overview can be found in this Wikipedia article.

The only pointer I should make is the reason for the disappearance of all male creatures from Earth is never overtly stated, but several theories and explanations are offered throughout the series. The reason I am apprising the reader is so that they can look for clues if they so wish.

Out of the ten books, only one slightly disappointed from a narrative perspective (not the last); however, I enjoyed the artworks and the characters throughout. Additionally, as the novel was originally published in comic-book format, the extra covers are included for good measure at the rear of each relevant tome; so no-one will miss out on the superb cover-art.

I believe there is a de-luxe version of the series in English, which I might consider placing on my wish-list.

Totally recommend! %D


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