Thursday 21 April 2016

My long-lost ability to read…

At the beginning of April I reported a bout of insomnia on my facebook feed. However, despite the lack of sleep, I was extremely happy to relate that over a period of four hours, I read in Spanish volumes 9 and 10 of Y: the last man / Y: el último hombre (images below). The none-native-tongue is not what is so remarkable; the fact I read for an extended period is. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis can severely effect the cognitive abilities of sufferers. In my case I periodically lose the ability to read anything other than short passages of text. Some days any kind of reading is beyond me. Added to this is intermittent dyslexia. However, I may be slowly regaining my ability to read.

This past weekend over a two-day period I read Three Men in the Snow / Drei Männer im Schnee (images below) by Erich Kästner. Admittedly I am familiar with this work. Nonetheless I had not read it in well over a decade. To boot I read it in the original German.

Well, here's hoping my ability to read has returned. I may even be able to rejoin my book-club!


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