Thursday 21 April 2016

Tynemouth Market - Treasure for All

I thought when going to Tynemouth Market that I was off to an arts & crafts market. That is the Sunday version. Turning up on a Saturday one encounters the flea-market format.

There were wonderful aromas from food stalls. The Caribbean one with its beaming hostess was oh so inviting. Other highlights for me included an organic bakery stall, where I was impressed to meet a loaf of beetroot bread, a lush pink sourdough, for the first time in my life.

For the long-standing collection of my 'mater-in-law' (my ex' Mater), I sourced a couple of pieces of the long defunct green Jasperware by Wedgwood from a ceramic stall by the café. So I was a happy chap.

[Image description: wooden cherry bowl on cherry flooring]

From a crafty craft stall by the restaurant my friend bought for and gifted to me an artisan turned cherrywood bowl, from a tree that lived and perished in Tynemouth itself, even coming with a label recounting its provenance.

My chum's little lad found some second-hand Lego - so he was happy too.

Only Mum came away with nothing but memories.

Next time I am up in the North-East, I shall look forward to the Sabbath event and purchasing something for my walls at home.

Access Issues

You need to arrive early to park close by - there is no designated disabled parking that we could see. Wheelchairs would be diffiult to manœuvre through some of the stalls. The mobility-impaired cannot cross the train-lines to the other side. There is no seating for resting, other than some of the eateries.

[Image description: wooden cherry bowl on cherry flooring, birds'-eye view]

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