Thursday 27 November 2014

Favourite Games

I am still in the process of moving out of Facebook. Probably going to take me another couple of years at the rate I am going. All games have, however, now been deleted therefrom.

Anyway, herewith is my list of favourite games, with links (mainly from Wikipedia) where available. Due to my various disabilities these days I can only play games using a computer keyboard; these are denoted with an asterisk (*).

Looking back at the list has prompted memories of those who played with me as I grew from childhood to young adult. Happy times! %D

Active games

kick-stone - a form of hide-and-seek where the players have to kick a specific stone to get themselves out of the running. If the person who is 'on' kicks the stone before them, then the person is in the running for being 'on' next game.

Board-type games

[Image description: game of mah-jong in play from apple store]

Monopoly ® Hasbro
noughts and crosses (tic-tac-toe)
Trivial Pursuit ® Hasbro

Card games

chase the ace (aka Old Maid)
German whist (aka Honeymoon whist)
*patience (solitaire)

Mind puzzles

[Image description: game of sudoku in play from apple store]

Sex games

doctors and nurses

Hopefully one or other of the games on my list will have made it on to your list. If not, feel at liberty to add a comment about your favourite game below.

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