Wednesday 19 February 2014

Curry Club Restaurant & I Love Kebab (Take-away), Castletown IOM: Review

Fully booked for New Year's Eve, our party was fortunate to be able to snag a table in the latest addition to Castletown's provender caterers. Steve, our Manxman chum, was surprised to find a full Indian restaurant within the town, not simply a take-away (take-out). It did not fail to surprise us all. The cuisine is mainly South Indian, a rare proffering in the British Isles.

As well as modern mood lighting and drapes at the windows, original tapestries and traditional embroidered artworks adorn the walls along with enamelled brassware on carved wooden sconces.

A couple of photos demonstrating how the gang enjoyed the repast. The author is in the first, dressed in red and noshing on the lightest of light naan-breads.

We all selected different dishes as well as different rice accompaniments, so that we could sample a good cross-section of the menu. Everything was made fresh from scratch, with no pre-made sauces, so any food allergies or intolerances can be taken fully into account. A boon to this writer.

Chicken dansak with pilau rice: £8.50 + £3.00 respectively.

Peshwari naan at £2.50 - the lightest naan-bread any of we diners had ever had and we have Manchester's Curry Mile at our disposal. It was not overly sweet either; just flavoured with finely grated coconut.

The feast laid out before us.

Normally, it is difficult to find a wine to go with curry. We tried two different reds. This Chilean Carmenère from MontGras accompanied all our dishes with each of the party commenting on how well it went with their respective plate. The restaurant does not have a licence, but one is permitted to take along one's own alcohol. This bottle of wine cost approximately £8-9 from the local Co-op.

Once the meal was ended not a scrap of alimentation remained on the serving dishes nor our plates. A sure recommendation if ever there was one.

The dessert menu (below) includes English ice-creams and sorbets, ranging from £3.50 to £4.50.

We plumped for the Indian Matka Kufi Ice-Cream priced at £4.50. As can be seen from the photograph below it was presented in a traditional Indian lidded bowl. After our spicy mains, this chilled, creamy ambrosia was not only a tasty end to our feasting but cooled the palate too.

Our host for the evening was extremely friendly and helpful and chatted with us at our behest, as we were inquisitive about the restaurant.

Should you wish to enjoy a delicious Indian repast, the full address and contact number on the island is as follows:

Curry Club Restaurant & I Love Kebab
20 Arbory Street
Callows Yard
Tel: 822226

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