Monday 17 February 2014

Caitiff Computer Companies?

After more than a month, I have finally managed to update my Apple laptop with software that both it and my new Nikon camera can cope with.

[Image description: link icons on my desktop to Apple, Firefox, Safari & ViewNX]

The ramifications are that I can now publish several reviews as well as details of my current sojourn in southern Spain.

Nonetheless, it is a good job I am not totally naïf when it comes to I.T. (whilst not being any kind of expert nor wishing to appear au-fait with technology, as I am not so); for, if I had resolved to merely follow the printed guides, I should have had to capitulate to the computer companies’ (supposed does one think?) intentions and purchase a brand new computer - otherwise why not provide exhaustive guidance, at least on-line? Thankfully I have sufficient nous to find back-entry points to achieve my aims. In this instance, it entailed ignoring the European website for the camera software and sourcing my requirements from the United States. Furthermore, I had to use a search-engine, Google via the Firefox browser, to track down the most appropriate software for browsing purposes, the relevant version of Safari. Funny (though I was certainly not amused at the time!) how my computer software did not simply update with all the required programs, etc. necessary to carry on as normal!

Now why would computer manufacturers not want consumers to find ways to extend the life of the latter’s current machines, I wonder?

Anyhow, over the next week or so, I shall hopefully be publishing several reviews of places visited in the past couple of months; so, one may wish to keep an eye out for one or more of them. %)

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