Friday 28 February 2014

Castletown (IOM) Photo-Set

The following is a photo-set of images taken on or around New Year's Eve 2013. Some of the pictures were snapped by myself, others by the bespectacled chap in the portrait below, R.A.P. Neither of us can recall exactly who took which, with one or two obvious exceptions.

[Image description: the police-station]

[Image description: my chums in another local]

[Image description: night-time view of the harbour]

[Image description: Castle Rushen]

[Image description: an aspect at the 'bus-stop]

[Image description: the shore]

[Image description: access to the shore]

[Image description: various shots of the quay]

[Image description: seaweed tossed onto the quayside]

[Image description: the writer wrapped up and
attempting to remain standing using two walking-sticks (canes)]

[Image description: the river-mouth]

[Image description: R.A.P., the lighthouse-keeper]

[Image description: Christmas-lights in Market Square]

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