Thursday 12 December 2013

We Didn't See Red!: Review

We selected the Chinese restaurant, Red Diner, from a plethora in Newcastle-upon-Tyne's Chinatown on the basis of it looking clean & presentable. We felt justified in our choice when a party of more than a dozen Chinamen arrived and settled down to dine.

[Image description: inside the restaurant; courtesy & © Red Diner]

I chose a starter of dumpling soup (comically misspelled "Dumping Soup") followed by monkfish & bean-curd with boiled rice. Additionally, I partook of duck pancakes. The duck was not at all greasy as it can be in some restaurants, but contrariwise it was a tad on the dry side. Our ten-year-old guest was quite correct when he suggested it needed "more sauce"! Everyone loved the pork-meat dumplings though and they were quickly demolished. The soup was little more than a weak broth, inoffensive but unremarkable. My main on the other hand was tasty with rhomboid slices of ginger and an unobtrusive chilli spiciness.

At the end of the meal we were all quite sated with not one of us having space to pack in a dessert.

All in all: soup for four; pancakes for four; five mains; three beers; and, five soft drinks. The bill was £85. At £17 per head for two courses plus drinks, this did not work out too badly.

Recommendation: we shall return for a second try!

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