Thursday 12 December 2013

Staybridge Suites, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (Aparthotel)

I have friends in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Over the years I have tried various different hotels in and around the city. None have ever proven truly satisfactory, most usually due to lack of noise insulation. One hotel in Jesmond even refused (despite such being against the Law) to install a hand-rail up a flight of three steps, when I pointed out that this would be of assistance to some disabled and/or mobility-impaired folk.

On this occasion I used to search out accommodation that would cope with my disabilities and have somewhere for the car to be parked securely. A boon was that it also included (limited) free wifi in one's room, sufficient to check emails, social media and the news-feeds.

[Image description: the external façade; courtesy & © Staybridge Suites]

I selected an aparthotel named Staybridge Suites Newcastle. It consisted of: a fully equipped kitchen, including 'fridge-freezer, microwave, hob, extractor hood, dishwasher and all the accoutrements one might need for cooking up a tasty repast; a sitting-room area with sofa and two chairs, a flat-screen television-set and various pouffes; the bedroom had a second flat-screen TV plus one of the most comfortable beds I have ever had the delight in which to sleep; a bathroom with full-sized tub, pulsing shower, W.C., sink, etc. One even had access to a laundry room fitted with washing-machines.

Finding the hotel at night was our first difficulty. We found Buxton Street with no difficulty, but we could not spot the hotel amidst all the student accommodation blocks. The hotel had no lit sign, although one can spot it in daylight. We only had to go up and down the street twice. However apparently the arrival prior to myself had spent twenty minutes attempting to locate. Alas sat-navs only help one reach a post-code which can be a whole street, so they are generally no help.

Our next problem was entering the gated car-park. Well, it certainly reassured us that it was reasonably secure. The very affable Pratik apologised for the failing of the intercom and quickly helped us gain access and check in. He made us aware of The Pantry from whence one can obtain provisions and toiletries. He even advised us that my friends in Newkie were more than welcome to come and join us for a complimentary breakfast. One cannot get much more welcoming than that!

[Image description: the reception area with Pantry behind the check-in desk;
courtesy & © Staybridge Suites]

My room was on the ground floor which meant no need to use lifts (escalators) nor stairs. One of the two lifts was out of order, but actually had a notice on it which stated what the problem was, confirmed that the engineer had been summonsed and the time s/he was expected to arrive.

The apartment allocated was actually partially underground due to the edifice having been built into the slope. With drawn curtains this was irrelevant. However, one might feel a tad claustrophobic were one to stay for any length of time.

I and my assistant do not travel light. There was plenty of space for all our luggage, baggage and paraphernalia. Furthermore, our guests were able to spread out and relax whilst we sorted ourselves out.

After returning from dinner in Chinatown (see my review if Chinese food appeals), we were quickly to bed and snuggled down to an undisturbed and uninterrupted slumber.

In the morning we helped ourselves to breakie. There were choices of cereal; fruits; pastries; conserves; yoghourts; a whole plethora of coffees & teas; juices; and, heated foods. One would have to be extremely fussy not to find something one liked. Nothing was stale, dry or overcooked. Completely sated, after sampling a bit of just about everything, we did not require luncheon for that day, but waited until dinner to eat again.

On checking out, the lovely Natalie was able to send an electronic receipt so we did not have to mess around with paper as well as giving us the friendliest of salutations and a genuinely sincerely expressed hope that we would return. I shall of course be staying there again. Now I have found somewhere where I know I can get a good night's rest, I can stay longer in Newcastle. Looking forward to my next visit already. %)

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