Wednesday 25 December 2013

Men's Shaving Products: A Comparison Review

I recently reviewed some of Liz Earle for Men's products including their shaving cream. A friend saw my review and asked me to try out Elemis' shaving foam. My housemate and I decided to compare them both with Rock Face's shaving gel, a product we discovered on offer in our local Waitrose last year and to which we were quickly converted due to the really smooth shaves we both obtained.

So here are the three products:

© Liz Earle Sensitive Shave Cream 100 ml @ £11.50

© Rock Face Shave Gel 200ml @ £3.95

© Elemis Ice Cool Foaming Shave Gel 200ml @ £21.00

I tried the Elemis product on two days' worth of growth. I'm afraid to say I did not get as close a shave as with either the Rock Face or the Liz Earle, with patches of stubble remaining on my face despite a fresh blade in my razor. This was most likely due to the blades clogging. (I used to find this a major issue with Body Shop's shaving cream, which was so bad that I had to swap blades after every single shave.) My housemate and I use different razors and both encountered the same issue. Additionally my skin was dried out, as the foam did not seem to moisturise or at least do so effectively. One needs to take into account that we reside in an area supplied with very soft water, so I would anticipate even worse dryness in hard-water areas. There was however no razor-burn effect for either of us.

As well as testing after two days growth, my housemate also tried the Elemis product after one day's growth. He determined that this shave was much closer and smoother. This seems to suggest that as long as one does not have much stubble, the result is as good as with Rock Face's product. However, the latter shaving product in such circumstances represents better value for money, costing slightly less than one fifth of the Elemis gel.

We both consider that the Elemis product is no better than other popular shaving products we have sampled, for example from Gillette.

Recommendations - best buy: unless we discover a fresh product that surpasses it, the Liz Earle shaving cream is, as my housemate phrased it, a "quantum leap ahead" of other products. We are sticking with the Liz Earle. Our runner-up and recommendation as best budget buy is Rock Face's product.

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