Friday 27 January 2023

Holocaust Memorial Day 2023

A decade ago to the day, I posted on my social-media various items relating to the Holocaust, including the following:

"The [ConDems] began a huge propaganda campaign against mentally and physically disabled [Brits]. They did not fit into the [Neo-Liberal] stereotype of the pure [hard-working family], that is physically fit with an obedient mind to serve the [economy]."

“Then after a large propaganda campaign that tapped into the populations anger about the country['s] economic state, the murder of millions began, long standing prejudice's like.......

"they think the world owes them something"

"They are a drain on the country's limited resources"

"they do not work so they are worthless"

"It would be kinder not to mention cheaper to kill them, preferably at birth"

......Are stomach turning yet they are statements I hear from people and politicians every day. Maybe not put quite as frankly or bluntly as that but the underlining argument and sentiment is the same." Rabbi Debbie Young-Sommers”


Before the Jews, German NAZIs practised on individuals with disabilities. The gas that was used in the concentration-camps was developed for use on disabled folk. Some of the means of mass extermination were first developed for use on groups of disabled people. (Check Aktion T4 for more details.)

1:4 of the UK population has a disability. 10,000s of Brits were killed by UKgov due to austerity (Check the research yourself, I have posted links often enough!). Some 300,000 killed and 1,500,000 disabled by #Covid19 - and still rising - due to mostly failings by UKgov. The majority of all these deaths were disabled folk per ONS.

Aktion T4 killed up to 300,000 disabled individuals during the NAZI era. The Conservative legacy since 2010 is heading to equal that death-count. History repeats itself - never in quite the same way - but only if we collectively permit it to do so.

Your disregard = death

Your silence = death

Your inaction = death


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