Saturday 26 November 2022

AMAZON is Rarely Best Value on Many Items!

In late September I ordered my annual supply of Senseo-machine coffee-pads (not pods) from a German business called Kaffeekapslen. Everything one can see in the image below cost me £81.75 including shipping, postage and packing. The large box of goods was delivered at the beginning of October - since when I have been slowly composing this blog-post.

Image description: 29 packets of coffee-pads; 1 bag of hot-chocolate pads; 2 small bottles of low-calorie coffee-syrups; 1 box coffee-machine filters; and, 2 Senseo cups.

Not all products are available on the UK Amazon website: however, I did find five of the coffees were available there. None of the five cost less: +£O.80; +£2.29; +£4.07; +£5.02; +£5.13 = +£17.31 extra via said wicked# company. I have taken screenshots (below - no image descriptions yet), and took the cheapest version available. Some items were retailing at a helluva lot more.

During the pandemic I have repeatedly gone to Amazon to check out products. Then I have done a Google shopping-search. Not once has the wicked company been the cheapest. Herewith a link to Wikipedia’s article “Criticism of Amazon” (#) - NB it is rather long, but there is a handy-index just under the précis.


Just yesterday I was searching for an item I wish to remain private to help with some of my maladies. Amazon was not only not the cheapest, it was the most expensive (per Google shopping)!


Caveat emptor!

(For those outside the UK, that is a commonly-used Latin expression meaning “Buyer beware!”)

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