Monday 17 December 2018

Stonemasons, Timperley Village: a Review

After nigh on thirteen years of residence in West Timperley, I had not actually dined in Timperley Village. A couple of months back I did attempt to eat at the Stonemasons, but found it shut for a further refurbishment. Yesterday my housemate & I finally had reason to have our Sunday luncheon made for us, so telephoned to book a table. Don’t bother unless your party is six or more!

For Sports’ Fans

We turned up about six-thirty, after the late-afternoon soccer on the TV-screens. These cannot be avoided as there are some five displays throughout the pub-restaurant.

Noise Levels

Additionally, music was at a level that anyone with hearing difficulties would struggle to be able to converse. So we shall not be returning with housemate’s Mater! If we want a peaceful repast with good conversation our first choice shall remain as Bramley Farm, our nearest pub-restaurant. We shall, however, be returning to the Stonemasons. Read on to determine why for.

My Meal [image above]

I ordered sirloin steak (rare) which came with roasted cherry tomatoes, peas, chips, mushrooms and onion-rings. The latter I dislike so asked for those to be omitted and pointed out my severe food-allergy. Chef was really diligent, for he came out to check himself that I should be okay with the meal prior to his cooking it. I have had this allergy for about fourteen years and regularly dine out. In all that time only a handful of chefs have come out to speak to me. So top-marks for prudence!

I should say the steak was cooked medium-rare, as there was not a trace of blood - which I should have preferred. Nonetheless it was deliciously tasty - matured for twenty-eight days apparently. The flesh was reddy-brown rather than bright red, which usually demonstrates that it is better meat. It was so easy to cut with the Brazilian steak-knife proffered. A slight amount of gristle & fat - but that helps to give the meat its full flavour. When next I visit I shall be unafraid to order my sirloin bleu (US blue), my preferred manner.

The mushrooms were divine, succulent and full of flavour. The peas were somewhat shrivelled in appearance, but had a good flavour. The tommies were perfectly cooked - firm enough that they did not explode everywhere when poked with the tines of a fork. The chips were fluffy and floury, but slightly on the dry side - but certainly not soggy.

Other than the aforesaid gristle & fat, nothing remained on my plate. I rate the dish as being good.

Companion’s Meal [image above]

My housemate, apart from sampling a little of everything on my plate, actually ordered his own meal: beef & ale pie with chips, sprouts, broccoli florets and juliennes of carrots. It also came with its own little sauce-boat of thick, dark gravy.

The pie was filled to the top of the crust with meat & sauce. My friend did not feel at all cheated. Whilst he enjoyed the “hot-water pastry”, he felt there was far too much of it - not that such prevented him from demolishing the lot and then complaining about being overly full!

Housemate can be a tad fastidious about his veggies, so they must have been on the softer side of al dente otherwise there would have been a whinge! They were all gobbled down as well.

A few spots of gravy and three small chips went back to the kitchen - only because he was full. My friend enjoyed his pie, but he’ll try the chicken one next time as this has a cover of puff-pastry, so should be somewhat lighter on the tummy.

He also rated his meal as good.


Housemate insisted he did not want a dessert. I ordered jam rolly-poly with ice-cream to share. There came two slices of a surprisingly light pudding with one scoop of ice-cream, which I split between the two. It certainly was not the stodgy, suet pudding of my childhood. Although it was also not as generous as these puddings of yore in respect to the amount of jam. Nonetheless, a strawberry sauce had been patterned across the plate and its contents to make up for the dearth of jam.

We both rated dessert as good and furthermore we should both happily opt for it on another occasion.


Housemate was driving, so was pleased that he could obtain an alcohol-free beer - something many eateries still fail to offer. I had a glass of Prosecco which had a fruity bouquet, but failed to impress the palate. A large glass of Malbec went perfectly with the steak as it had a distinct pepperiness. And thanks to Jack for offering to bring it over as well as taking our second-course order from table.

Take-Away (US Take-Out)

Stonemasons does a fair range of pizzas, made from scratch when ordered. These can be collected for take-away. Looking at the prices, they compare favourably with our current vendor, whose tomato-sauce I cannot have due to my allergy. So, next time we fancy pizza, we shall definitely be trying Stonemasons.

I did not enquire whether other dishes from their large menu can be purchased for take-away.


I have already mentioned the chef and Jack; but the other staff with whom we came into contact were also affable, professional and personable. Zoey particularly had a good natter with us.

Children & Dogs

Stonemasons is child-friendly, for those who want to take their wee bairns with them. I did not see any hounds, so am unable to comment on the house’s dog policy.


I did not check out the disabled wc, but my carer did so for this review and said it was sufficiently large to turn my above-average sized wheelchair. You will need your RADAR-key.

I could not see a flat-access entry-point. The main entrance is up a shallow step and then a very steep step. Wheelchair-users, including electric ones, would probably need assistance up the larger step. Thereafter it is an even surface for much of the establishment. There is a pull-handle on the right of the main entrance, but not on the left - the side I need.


Both of us enjoyed our meals and our time in a very friendly environment where locals will chat to you. We shall definitely be returning and shall try their take-away-pizzas. Over all rating: good. %)

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