Thursday 20 December 2018

My Sexual Health Review

No wonder folk do NOT go to STI/GUM clinics: I have had to make three separate visits because my local clinic (the sole clinic in Trafford), serving some 230,000 adults, do not make appointments and it’s first-come-first-served, mornings only, Monday-Friday. No afternoons. No evenings. No weekends.

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Finally I managed to have the Hepatitis B jab and the test for Hepatitis C, which my G.P. wanted. Also I was advised to have a Hepatitis A jab as well. Apparently it can be passed via sex and not just from contaminated water or foodstuffs, such as seafood. My G.P. didn’t know that! However, Manchester is currently in the grips of a Hep. A “epidemic” (their word not mine). You may wish to consider getting your own jab!

G.P. practices are now expected to run early morning, evening and weekend appointments to fit around patients’ needs. Folk are having sex round the clock, so the clinics ought to have much more extended hours. This could also reduce the need for folk to use A&E departments. Oh, that’s right, our area doesn’t even have one of those now!


Just received the results from my sexual-health check:

Chlamydia - negative
Gonorrhœa - negative
Hepatitis A - negative
Hepatitis B - negative
Hepatitis C - negative
HIV - negative
Syphilis - negative

Big sigh of relief!

I always practise safer sex/safe sex, but there is also invariably a theoretical risk even using condoms.

Please use a condom every time! And get yourself checked! %)

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