Friday 2 January 2015


[For Georg, my Austrian friend]

“Und Du,
wie ich an Dir immer erinnere,
lächelst und lachst.”*


Strange how laughter
your laugh
echoes through my mind
happy pealing
I hear you chuckling
and cackling
and guffawing
as if in the room
right this instant
but the memories
if unfaded
are years old
the heartiness
the joie de vivre
the vivacity
invigorates me
revivifies me
even now
as your laughter
as you
did then
such capacity
for joyfulness
on the web a business photo
shows you smiling
with brio
an emailed private photo
shows you laughing
with gusto
never giggling
or sniggering
only paroxysms
of ebullient
pleasant reminiscence
enveloping sense
warming glow
I smile,
sigh, Heigh-ho!
then chuckle again
at my Austrian friend
and his dégagé laughter

* "And you, as I always recall you, smile and laugh."

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