Saturday 3 January 2015

Best Month EVER for Viewings!

It is quite astonishing to me that December was by far and away the best ever month for visits to this blog. There were 35,185 separate viewings. I suspect the release of the film, The Imitation Game, based on Alan Turing's life has led to many more individuals looking him up on the internet and thence being guided to my blog-post on him, which resulted in said post now having exceeded 100K views (see article from December 2014).

[image description: graph of all views to]

I do not take my readers for granted and I genuinely do appreciate those who visit my pages, read them and especially those who take the time to give feed-back and/or follow the blog. As ever, thank you so much for reading.

And wishing us all: a happy, healthy and wealthy 2015;
happy new year, folks!


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