Monday 11 November 2013

Brunch: Potted Crab on Sourdough Rye

Regular readers will by now have realised (see my various reviews if not!) that I am a bit of a foodie - not quite a gourmand as my palate is not sufficiently refined. I have previously blogged about eateries I have - on the whole - enjoyed. However I have never actually posted on specific food products. I am about to do so. In so doing, I must point out that I have not and do not anticipate any kind of reward or remuneration for any positive comments.

The reason I have been inspired to write is due to having just enjoyed the best brunch since last Christmas Day.

One may be wondering why I am consuming brunch mid-afternoon (14.30 - 15.00). Well, it is down to my various health conditions and medications. I rarely have physical hunger pangs. Hunger for me is solely a mental & emotional experience. Additionally, I have to be able to descend the stairs, which on many days is not at all, so must await my carer coming in the evening to prepare me a meal.

Back to the brunch: as far as I am concerned the following is a perfect pairing. I brunched on two slices of "Light Sourdough Rye Bread", baked by the Gloucestershire Authentic Bread Company, liberally spread with Seafood & Eat It's "Cornish Potted Crab". Whilst full rye bread is perfect with smoked salmon (already on order for Christmas!), this lightly rye'd sourdough's more delicate flavour allowed the full piquancy of the spiced but nevertheless creamy-textured crabmeat to tantalise my taste-buds. The packaging for the crab recommends toast; however, the soft but firm bread meant one could indulge a satisfying tug before enjoying a good mastication.

[Image description: loaf & crab product; © Able & Cole and Seafood & Eat It respectively]

I accompanied my savour sensation with half-a-dozen heirloom tomatoes, two each of three varieties. Every last one was completely flavourless, barring a very slight acidic bitterness. The nomenclature heirloom does rather imply old-fashioned, the tommies of yore, full of sunny relish. Sadly, in this instance not so. Nonetheless they were, every last one, firm, juicy and attractive to the eye.

[Image description: assorted heirloom tomatoes; © Abel & Cole]

All three products were delivered this morning along with the rest of my weekly groceries by Able & Cole. For the past few months they have proved reliable and for the most part have delivered quality produce, with one or two minor exceptions. Even from a supermarket, one buys the odd dud product. So fair enough. I would heartily recommend giving them a go if they deliver to your place of residence.

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