Saturday 30 November 2013

A DWP Apology - No, Really!

On Friday I suffered another panic-attack, induced once again by the arrival of a brown envelope from a DWP agency. I was in such a state, even five hours later, that I had to wait for my house-mate to turn up and read the contents for me.

Regular readers may recall my having openly wondered whether the DWP is deliberately harassing Employment & Support Allowance (ESA) Support Group claimants after I received a summons to a work-related interview (WRI). The actual letter (q.v.) neither states nor implies anywhere that such an appointment is totally voluntary.

The letter I received on Friday 29th is dated Monday 25th. To my surprise it is an apology. I was so incredulous that I had my house-mate read it again and then had to see it for myself before I believed it to be true. It is actually a truly pleasant letter and reads as if the Personal Adviser (PA) is genuinely sympathetic.

The PA does indeed quite clearly state that:

"As you are in the support group your contact is voluntary and I apologise that the wording on the letter does not make this clear."

Nonetheless, I wait to see whether there is further mix-up and/or harassment and I end up being sanctioned for not attending the WRI.

And in relation to the print-outs I received earlier in the week with no covering letter, I shall be emailing my new PA for advice.

Naturally, I shall keep you apprised in due course of any resolution - but please do not hold your breath!

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