Tuesday 13 August 2013

Nature of Love

Today, Christopher Banks, also known as Bipolar Bear, posted Love and other people about his personal search for love and how it has impacted and still does his own well-being.
[Image description: photo portrait of Christopher Banks © bipolarbear.com]

I responded with a concise résumé of love as I have experienced it.
"Love covers so many things: I still love my Gran (Grandmother), my confidante, who died thirty years ago – I miss her; I love my friends for just who & what they are; when teaching I loved my charges in loco parentis; I have been in-love and that is not the same as crushes, which are themselves a form of love; and my last partner of thirteen years and still mutually best friends, I adore. Love & sex together, for me at least, is a totally different experience to sex without emotional attachment (which is not to imply any moral judgement). And over the years I continue to learn to love myself, not as an egoïst, but as an awakening spiritual dimension (if that makes sense?).
I know not whether it is the same for everyone, but for me love appears when not being sought. Just live & carpe diem – and I am a generally happy, bed-bound, disabled chap! %)"

The reader is at liberty to leave comments as to their own experience of love in the section below this article.

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