Friday 2 August 2013

Bedside Table

For once there will not be a photograph of my own bedside table to accompany this blog-post. I value the privacy of my bed-cell and do not like to be photographed therein. Nor do I want my personal space exposed to the world. It is my hidey-hole from the nastiness without. Goodness knows what this says about me psychologically! However, the image below is of an IKEA Dalom wooden table and represents the actual piece of furniture I own.


I shall nonetheless list what is to be found on my wee table.

A hands-free telephone - I do not use it to make calls, but do pick up messages when up to doing so.

A lamp to light my way when: my sleep patterns are inverted; I am kept awake with pain; or, I am just suffering an insomnient bout.

A photograph of me and my best friend from when we first met.

A rosary with cross blessed by a holy man in Brazil and gifted to me by a friend. It reminds me to count my blessings: including that I have been given the gift of friendship by not only said giver but also many other beautiful individuals.

A melamine beaker with a facsimile of an original E.H.Shepard Winnie the Pooh illustration. It's not a glass because I knock them off occasionally during fevers, glassware has a habit of breaking, and I am in no state to clear up the débris.

A memory-stick for saving (when I remember to do so!) documents I write on the laptop.

A wrist-watch so I know the day and time as my ability to internally metre their passing has long since expired.

A mobile telephone for receiving and sending text communications on the rare occasions that I cannot use social media.

A selection of pain-killers, drops, antihistamines and other medications as, for the majority of the time I'm stuck in bed, and so can self-medicate.

A selection of chill-out music for those rare occasions when I feel able to listen to a whole album or can tolerate background noise.

A pile of paperwork (notes, papers & receipts) that I keep meaning to sort through, but which I never seem to find the desire nor energy to pursue.

Additionally, under the table leans:

A bag of potential reading matter (newspapers, magazines, books, brochures, pamphlets) for those occasions when I can read and comprehend more than short bursts of text.

A box of man-size tissues for the symptoms of my constant and various allergies.

A laptop - my main means of communication and socialising; a godsend.


This article is feeding into Liz Crow's artwork #beddingout which will 'occur' at the Edinburgh Fringe from today until 26th August and via Twitter using the aforesaid hashtag. For more details please go to Bedding Out in Edinburgh.

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