Sunday 7 July 2013

WoWPetition Plea

For good or ill, I have just posted the following letter on my facebook status. Some 35% of my facebook friends have confirmed they have signed the petition; but I really don't think that is good enough - do you? Maybe you might be willing to write something similar yourselves. We have to do something to increase the signature count. That means ALL of us. Please take action!

[Image description: the writer in wheelchair signing a huge card
to celebrate the 65th birthday of the NHS]

Dear friends & followers,

I am severely disabled under NICE criteria and more often than not sick; house-bound the majority of the time; bed-ridden some two-thirds of the time.

I am doing something to fight for Our NHS so it does not become fragmented and expensive and unaffordable to the majority as in the USA, including the middle-class.

I am doing something to help ensure social security protections, the national insurance scheme that nearly all have paid into or contributed to in other ways (e.g. by caring for others, saving the State a fortune), is not downgraded to a USA welfare system that does not even protect children.

I am doing something to raise awareness of inequalities, unfairness, discrimination, bureaucratic bullying & intransigence; and thus standing up (metaphorically - obviously!!!) for traditional British values.

I am grateful for those of you who have already signed the WoWPetition; but many of you still have not done so (unless you're hiding your light under a bushel!). I spend much of my limited awake time and expend much of my very limited energy fighting. I have caused myself increased pain and made myself ill by attending demonstrations. Surely you can spare a couple of minutes to sign a petition, verify the email and share the petition with your followers. I am willing to listen to justifiable excuses for not doing so; but I do expect you folks to rouse yourselves and take action with me.

If you cannot even sign a petition to protect your way of life, your health, your social protections and those of your kith & kin, what does that say about you?

If it really is too much to ask, please defriend me now...

Many thanks once again to those of you who have already signed and shared WoWPetition. Together we are stronger, united, one community. My gratitude. %D

Here's the link folks:

I hope you'll sign. Please.

[Image description: the writer in wheelchair (itself adorned in WoWPetition paraphenalia) wearing a T-shirt, holding WoWPetition flyers

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