Saturday 13 October 2012

BlogCamp: Part One

Well, after struggling with Manchester city centre’s notorious one-way system, and only a couple of screaming matches with my (wonderful) driver because I cannot tell the difference between left and right (never could), we almost drove past 51 Lever Street. I was looking for The Studio. The name was on a billboard inside the foyer, not on the outside. The window-wall was however emblazoned with huge numerals denoting 51. Driver kindly reversed and deposited me on the kerbside - too high for me to mount; so I walked to the corner to hobble across the dropped kerb. And so to the entrance. Thankfully, a very kind concierge came to my assistance and bade me welcome whilst directing me to the third floor via the lift (elevator).

A couple joined me and prattled on the journey up, through the doors and then assumed I would open a pull-door whilst laden with two bags, a hoodie and walking assisted by two sticks - Oops! Suddenly brought their conversation to a rather abrupt halt as they realised they would have to affect ingress.

Inside, I eventually managed to get the very pretty receptionist to speak loud enough for me to hear what she was attempting to convey. She pointed me in the direction of coffee machines, seats and pastries - CAKE! I joined the queue for coffee. Alas, by the time I reached the equipment coffee was there none. Hot chocolate, hot chocolate or hot water were the only items on the menu. Erm… hot chocolate then.

After half a beaker of a so-so beverage, and a tasteless (but gratis) apple Danish, I sat down to type. A lass who had said, “Hello” whilst I was noshing, came over and sat down beside me. Heather and I had a good natter, before the hordes began to stream into the debating chamber.

10.30 Welcome to BlogCamp
10.45 Boost your blog audience
11.45 Coffee break
12.00 Become a video star
12.45 Lunch
1.30 Photo wizardry
2.30 Coffee & cake
3.00 Getting things done

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