Saturday 6 May 2023

Thoughts on the Coronation

Charles has his work cut out for him if he wishes to ameliorate the reputation of the royals amongst UK citizens.


According to the US newscaster CNN’s article from 5th May, the day prior to the coronation:

“Britons’ support for the monarchy is in long-term decline”

“More than one-third of UK adults (36%) say their opinion of the family has become more negative than it was 10 years ago…”

“… 37% of those age 35-54 and just 31% of those younger than 35 say they intend to watch the event, as an increasing number of young Britons express their indifference to or dislike for an institution they say has no relevance in their lives.”

“More than half (55%) of UK adults younger than 25 say that they don’t consider the royal family a good source of leadership and guidance, a view shared by just 36% of those aged 55 or older.”


“A member of Operation Golden Orb organising committee told The Sun that the ceremony may have cost £100 million. But separate unverified sources have suggested an even higher bill, of up to £250 million, partly because of the vast security costs.”


Today the Manchester Evening News, known as the M.E.N., writes:

“Taking place amid the cost-of-living crisis facing the UK and against a backdrop of strikes by doctors, teachers and other public servants over pay, the King’s coronation has been branded a waste of taxpayers’ money by critics. More than half of Brits do not think it should be funded by the government, a poll has suggested. The YouGov survey found 51 per cent of adults questioned believe the ceremony should not be funded by the government, almost a third – 32 per cent – said it should, while around 18 per cent did not know.”


Per the Wikipedia item on coronation:

Most European monarchs do not have public coronations. They simply swear an oath.

They thus save their countries £/€ millions which can be spent elsewhere as needs be.


Looking at the last published accounts of Trussell Trust, the largest food-bank provider, it would appear that the monies spent on the coronation would have fed the UK’s food-poor for a year or so. Of course, that is simply a comparison. UKgov chooses not to feed the hungry (despite being a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights). At any time it could ensure food to every UK citizen & resident. Instead the government spent the monies on adorning one single man!


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