Tuesday 5 April 2022

Difficulties Obtaining Prescription Medications

Three or so years ago, my pharmacy advised me they could no longer deliver my medications (meds). Housemate took over by going to collect them. It was hit and miss whether they would all be ready in time. So, oftentimes he would have to visit two or three times to collect the set.

During the pandemic matters deteriorated, and since the Trafford Council care-agency took over my care, the pharmacist has not once had all my prescription meds ready for my four-weekly collection.

It has not always been the fault of the pharmacist. About half the time, my G.P.’s medical-practice fails to send through the script. Remember, it is all done via computer these days - so not really any valid excuses for such dillydallying. Some of the time, the poor pharmacist has simply been unable to obtain sufficient or any supplies of certain medications. That one is partially thanks to BREXIT.

[Image description: a weekly blister-pack with daily sections for morning, midday, teatime & bedtime.]

A couple of weeks ago, housemate attempted collection. My blister-packs were not ready. He went back a second time. The former were ready, but none of my other medications. He returned a third time - on which occasion the pharmacy had been unable to obtain one of the meds from suppliers. On the fourth visit housemate finally collected the last meds.

Both housemate and myself were really brassed off. Not having pain-medication when it is needed is outrageous. So, I advised the care-agency that housemate was relinquishing this duty - which he does voluntarily - and that they needed to take it on.

Today I have been advised that, after a call from the care-agency office, all my meds will be delivered commencing in a fortnight’s time. There will be no need for anyone to be here to sign for them.

Let’s wait and see how this works out!


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